“Celeste sees the value of letting you find your own truth. She has a beautiful intuitive sense of what question to ask next. She facilitates The Work with beauty and grace. Celeste knows when to be active, when to be silent, how to layer the questions, and how to make them understandable when I am struggling. For those experienced in The Work, Celeste brings years of her own inquiry to facilitate at a deep level the subtleties of mind.” 

S. B.

“Thank you, Celeste, for listening to my muddled thoughts and helping me find a way into inquiry.”

H. S.

“Celeste has made a huge difference in my life. Her experience with The Work, and with life, gives her the ability to hold a space so that you can make deep changes in your life. I highly recommend her.”

J. K.

“Celeste—You were wonderful! I loved your presence. Having you there, I think, made me not nervous at all. I kept thinking . . . 'I'm not even slightly nervous,' . . . and I believe it's partly because you were there, absolutely.”

G. B.

“I feel about you the way I feel about my most cherished friends from childhood - I can pick up the phone or come to see you and no time has passed! I love the time we spend together journeying inward. You are such a loving and gentle facilitator of the Work, the surgery rarely requires anesthesia (only a little tea!) When I get really stuck, you are there to pull me up and out. You remind me of a trusted guide on a really exciting hike through the wilderness - I still have to do the work but it's so nice to have a hand to hold!”

J. B.


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