In 1999, I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie. At this time in my life I was not looking for another teaching. I had my own way of coming back to peace, and it worked as long as I was sitting in meditation. There was, however, an element in my meditation practice which kept me isolated from people, and I experienced fear. When I met Byron Katie (we affectionately call her Katie), she amazed me with her loving, laser-sharp questions, which she so generously gave to the many people attending the public event. I saw in her that part of me which I had not allowed myself to be — the one who could and would ask me for the Truth.

Since that first meeting I have questioned my thoughts daily and have assisted hundreds of people in doing the same. I learned that when I educate my mind I am free of fear. Fear became the doorway to Peace. When I see through Fear I feel  safe. Through the Inquiry, the 4 questions, I give my mind a home in the heart. What a Gift to finally love my mind!

Bring your stressful thoughts, any fears you have to our meeting.

I learned that Truth, God, and Love share the same meaning.

I use the Work daily......most of my Work has been about Fear, not being able to sleep, waking up with fear and living my life in fear

  • I am afraid of being in relationships and not being in relationships
  • I cannot shake fear
  • Fear is real
  • I will always be in fear
  • I am afraid of fear

If you are experiencing fear, no matter what you are afraid of, contact me. I am looking forward doing The Work with you. I know that I suffer when I believe my thoughts, and when I investigate them, I don't. I am so grateful to have this tool for myself and as a gift to give to whoever wants it.

In 2000 I attended the School for The Work as a participant. Now I attend the School every year as a staff volunteer. I wish for you to experience this amazing 9-day school — the school of YOU.

This Work is simple — anyone can do it. I am here for you if you want my assistance in learning this tool and ending your own suffering.


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